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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 8, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ >> yee-haw! craig: i'd like to thank everybody involved in the show tonight. i'd like to thank them but i won't. [laughter] craig: the only person they thought did a good job tonight was aunt judy. [cheers and applause] craig: good night!
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. breaking news. a fire at the department of commerce turns into a hazmat situation. we're live on the scene. a health alert. 3d is the rage in the movies and now it's shaking up the world of medicine. really a part of me is gone. >> also a fatal hit and run on
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dupont circle. only on 9, the victim's best friend speaks out. this is 9news now. but we start with that breaking news out of northwest dc where a fire swept through a part of the department of commerce. now, the flames themselves didn't cause much damage, but what caught fired created a hazardous situation. armando trull is live at the scene. >> reporter: this is the intersection of 14th street and constitution. as you can see, it's totally closed down. take a look at all of the fire and ems units that are here throughout the area. that is the commerce department that you're looking at. it's one of the biggest federal buildings that takes up an entire block. it was under renovation when this fire began. the fire itself wads put out in 20 minutes. now we're talking about a hazmat containment effort. the call went out around 8:00 thursday night. a fire at the commerce
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department. >>. [ speaking foreign language ] >> s on the 4th floor and smelled smoke and when i went down to the third floor it was black with smoke. i think it was an electrical fire. >> reporter: dozens of firefighters respondet multiple points throughout the bidding, which is under renovation. the sound of fire was in a section of the building undergoing asbestos removal. >> that elevated the incident to a different level bringing in specialized teams to go in to decon our personnel. >> reporter: and as you can see, each and every one of the firefighters that went into that building that is under renovation had to be washed off with special chemicals to get off any asbestos fiber that they might have gotten on their body. >> you're standing in the van so you might be breathing it in. why don't you move away. thank you. >> reporter: in fact, the onlookers had to be moved away by firefighters to avoid asbestos contamination. >> right now the building is shut down. it's going to be shut down for
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some time. we are going to go back in along with gsa and some of their teams and start sampling and to determine if we have any asbestos contamination throughout the building. >> reporter: and it looks like those contaminant efforts might take a few hours, so we have a lot of work. we have a vehicle backing up behind us, so we're going to move out. we want to make sure we don't get hit. this is an active scene right here. but the bottom line, derek, is we're not really sure when things here are going to get back to normal. back to you. >> armando, anita here. any word about department of commerce workers? should they go to work in the morning? >> reporter: i think right now that question is up in the air, because the testing process has two phases. first of all they're going to have some folks in there testing the air, and they have equipment here now that they can basically sample that air and get a sense of how safe it is. then they will also take some of
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the air samples and send them to a lab elsewhere. that could take a long time. it could be an overnight process. and they're not going to let anyone back into this building until they're absolutely safe. -- absolutely sure that the air is safe. so right now i can't answer that question for you. >> all right. armando trull, thank you very much. an update now on the allegations of cheating against dozens of prince george's county police cadets. well, tonight the police chief and the county executive announce there is no indication any of the cadets that graduated in july of last year cheated on their police academy test. in fact, the chief said the fact that they all got perfect scores can actually be traced back to a lazy instructor. >> all these officers professionally and adequately took their test. >> police say they did recheck the scores and they found not all of the officers got 100% but they did all pass. that instructor who graded the test has been fined, but he still works at the police academy. dc police say they're
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looking at filing charges against the woman suspected in a deadly hit and run accident. it happened early this morning outside the big hunt bar just south of dupont circle. police say she had just gotten out of a car when it happened. someone on a bicycle saw the whole thing, rode after the suv that hit ryan until police could track it down. tonight a 30-year-old is facing dui charges there. only on 9, our brittany morehouse spoke kiela ryan's best friend. >> she is my sister. she is my everything. >> reporter: a world of memories cascade across her countertop. she keeps finding more photos of the sister she never had. >> she was my entire childhood. >> reporter: now she is stuck with a haunting thought. >> i don't know what kind of person i would be if i had to witness my friend die. >> reporter: dead on the day
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after her 24th birthday. >> not to spend her birthday with her. the last thing i told her is i love you. i love you and i'll see you tomorrow. >> reporter: but come that tomorrow, kiela ryan was killed in a hit and run wreck. she was coming back from dinner with a co worker, a woman that described everything to rice. >> she was sitting on the driver's side in the back seat and she got out of the car and she said everyone got out of the car at the same time and she heard a huge thud. >> reporter: there on the street lay kiela. >> there was an eyewitness there. and he apparently had been in the military and was helping her and propered her up and she was like coughing up blood and stuff and he was helping her to breathe. >> reporter: that man is now a mystery to loved ones just like the cyclist who followed the vehicle that struck kiela. >> that cyclist has a huge chunk of my heart. >> reporter: as for the driver? >> i don't think the driver planned on killing my best friend. however, the fact that they left. >> reporter: a scene that stole
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much more than one life. >> it's really like a part of me is gone because like she was seriously like half of me. like a lot of my personality and my confidence and just like who i am as a person had a lot to do with her. >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> she tells brittany that loved ones are really hoping that somebody lets them know who that cyclist and that officer was who tried to help their friend. they want to offer a thank you in person. new at 11:00, police in fairfax county are investigating what they're calling a suspicious death tonight. the body of a 61-year-old man was found inside a house along ladues end court just before 4:00 this afternoon. police say they do suspect foul play. the man's car missing from the home. that car described as a 2002 gold lexus 470 suv. it looks like that one. it has a virginia license plate of xyw 8197. that's the car police are looking for. if you know where it is, please
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call them. a lot of democrats running for office are shying away from president obama this campaign season. they're worried he might have hurt them more than helped them. but for the most part in maryland, democrats are embracing this president. witnesses big rally today at bowie state. >> they can take back new jersey. they can take back virginia. but they can't take back maryland because maryland moves forward. >> if everybody who fought for change in 2008 shows up on november 2nd, i am absolutely confident we will win. [ cheers and applause ] >> one no show at that rally, congress member from the eastern shore. he is locked in a very tight race in a republican leaning district. a spokesmen says he didn't have time to make it to today's rally. well, you just saw governor martin o'malley at that rally. his opponent was out on the campaign trail today. he was making a stop over in potomac island at a popular
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dining spot. so then why come to these parts? he says this is where the battle will be won or lost? >> two secrets. the key to our winning is here. we're going to win big around the state. >> he also told the crowd that after a slow start, the campaign contributions have been pouring in over the past few weeks. a commuter alert tonight about some street closings downtown. the annual fall meeting for the bank need some road closings. starting tomorrow at 7, 7:00 p.m., 18th 19th and 20th street will be closed between g street and pennsylvania avenue. there is also going to be closing on g and h streets. two of the closest metro stations to the world bank will be closed as well during the meeting. tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m., the mcphearson square stations will close for some track work, and there won't be any blue or orange line service at metro center either.
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the work is scheduled to run until the system reopens tuesday morning. you can learn more in the where you live section of find specifics about your community on our home page and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. we're looking for another warm day tomorrow after a chilly start. in fact, check out a look at your wakeup weather. chilly start. a lot of us in the 40s but rising quickly to the 50s. we'll talk about the weather for the weekend when we come back with the full forecast. still ahead tonight, 3d technology is so hot in hollywood and now there is 3d medicine. science like you've never seen it before. plus a sex scandal. a duke student posts a 42 page presentation on the athlete she allegedly wúçúwú
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back now with the word of a bold proposal out of new york.
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mayor michael bloomberg wants to prohibit people to buy food stamps for sugary drinks. they shouldn't subsidize things like sodas and sugary taez. if the request is approached, it will be the first time the u.s. department of agriculture would ban an item from the federal assistance program based on the nutritional value. the folks who make the product are screaming bloody murder. derek has some comment tonight. >> the folks that brought you that sweet stuff that we love to hate but still love have taken to calling themself americans against food taxes. they even have a website designed to make you think that a few of the neighbors got together to say don't tax our sodas. let's be real, we know who you are. we get it. you make and sell the sugary drinks for a living. a tax or ban is the last thing you need, right? but here is the thing. we are fatter than we've ever
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been and we know it and we still won't or can't cut back on the sugar. maybe a lot of us just need a little more incentive. maybe taxes and bans are the answer. honestly i'm not sure about that. but to my friends on the americans against food taxes, the rest of us are going to have to find a way to stop eating and drinking so much of the stuff we love. my suspicion is that is what you're really against. we also have an update for you tonight on that teenager shot in the behind for wearing the baggy pants that we talked about a bit in let's be real earlier this week. tonight the mother of that teenager has something to say and it's pretty harsh for the man accused of shooting her son. >> i do not understand why he did what he did because there was no reason. there was no provocation. my kid does not say. he is not in a gang. he's not a drug dealer. he's an average 17-year-old. >> the 45-year-old kenneth bonds is charged in that shooting and tucker says she thinks the
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aggravated assault charges he's facing are too lenient and the bond is to too low to keep bonds from targeting another teenager. in tonight's health alert, medicine goes 3d. you know it's all of the range at the movie. -- rage at the movie. but it's also impact the age of medicine. i recently visited a medical center in new york city for a trip inside their facility nicknamed cave. its science like you've never seen it before. right now they're taking us deep inside the brain of a 14-year-old boy, exposed to crack cocaine. he uses a wand to peel away the layers, revealing a part of the brain of children whose mother abuse drugs during pregnancy. >> that seems to be from prenatal exposure. >> helping his development function better at younger ages.
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it's just one way he helped researchers visualize ha they couldn't see this way before. even down to the inner workings of a cell. system administrator vanessa says the cave also makes what happens in human diseases and medical problems more clear. >> so what you're looking at is in the human being is smaller than your thumbnail. and we're standing in side some blisters that are actually causing this person not to be able to see correctly. >> the research team here has been exploring this cave for just over a year now and say they're just beginning to tap into its dazzling interactive potential. >> i mean, the possibilities are limited. >> and the 3d medicine isn't just happening up in new york city. tomorrow morning at 6:12 a.m., i'll show you what a team found out about the aids virus and how their models can help create a new vaccine. >> that was going to be the
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question. that stuff looks really cool, but what does it do. >> in the case of the brain, instead of looking at two mention al mris, seen -- dimensional mris you can see which part grows and which is not growing at the same rate, that is how you can see how it affects a child predisposed to cocaine. it's a new perspective never seen before. >> all right. let's talk about sex, and that may have been a hit song. but how often do people really sit down and discuss it. one duke university student is calling her works on the topic her thesis. karen owens sent a 42-screen power point presentation to three of her friends entitled and education beyond the classroom excelling in the realm of horizontal academics. it compares and ranks how the
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partners stacked up against each other. the friends forwarded it and then they forwarded it and you know how they goes. she apologized. she never meant to emotionally hurt the people named in the paper. [ laughing ] >> i think it's a fair -- >> i may be old-fashioned. >> where you were right. >> exactly. [ laughing ] >> you are one and two. >> you're feeling all right. >> gees. >> but if you're down at the bottom, nobody likes that. >> oh, no. a little bit of discretion here. maybe a little bit. >> ya. let's move on. >> average is all you want to be. >> take a look at the weather which is above average. we are well above a 71-degree day. we hit 77 for a high and we're going to continue nothing but sunshine friday, saturday and shortened week next week to a holiday weekend. a little bit cooler sunday. redskins game looking picture perfect. maybe one or two clouds coming around. after that a high of 77. we've cooled down quickly. it was a little breezy here today. winds from the northwest gusting
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upwards of 20-30. but they have slacked off tonight allowing the temperatures really to drop off. west, northwest suburbs mid 40s for lows. 52 degrees downtown and quickly through the 40s and through the 50s friday morning back up into the 60s we'll end up mid to upper 70s. we hit 77 today. i see no reason why we shouldn't hit 77, 78, 79 as we go through the next couple of days. satellite radar together, there were a couple clouds that tried to move through. those died off and it was a beautiful sunny end of the day, but mild evening in store for us. just great with the dry air in there too. all the way into the 50s gaithersburg. even hagerstown. even baltimore. we're hanging on at 65 at reagan national and temperatures are really going to start to drop off quickly. so nothing in the nine future cast we can show you. there is nothing on here except for sunshine, warm temperatures going through tomorrow. maybe that bank of clouds that dies away saturday, sunday i'm going to bring a few more clouds and a little bit of some cooler air spilling in from the north brings our high temperatures
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down from near 80 degrees. but i still think lower to mid 70s right on the money, even for sunday. it gets even better columbus day next tuesday. there is the cool start. reston, parts of fairfax county, even towards manassas park. a little bit warmer downtown. that's still a chilly start. near 80 degrees in many places around washington metro. i think we will get to 80. blue ridge, shenandoah, everyone is in from -- that's where we get for 80 degrees. delmarva mid 70s for you. seven day forecast, i have one, two, three, four, five consecutive days of 70s and a couple of 80s to end things out. columbus day, tuesday, next chance of rain middle of next week and we will take five beautiful fall days. >> yes. that it way above average. we're liking that. >> okay. green bay's quarterback right now is no brett favre. and maybe this year that is a good thing. >> that's an excellent thing.
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>> erin rogers way better than brett favre. i'm nervous about what he does. what happens when one of the league's best quarterbacks meets one of the league's worst pass defenses. plus the latest installment of the good, the bad and the ugly
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> it's quarterback throws for 300 yards. he's had a pretty good game. on average just five of the 32 starting quarterbacks hit that number each week. which explains why the backers quarterback -- packers quarterback is smiling all week long. skins pass defense second worse in football. they allow 305 passing yards per contest. and with rogers and the packers coming in, that ain't good. he's thrown for 9,000 yards and 66 touchdowns in his first two
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years as a starter. in other words, get ready for an air show sunday. >> rogers is a great quarterback. he's got a lot of weapons. quick release. he can run the football. one of the reasons why they're so effective. >> hopefully we can contain them and not give up big plays to them to make it easier for them just to make them kind of work for it. >> as for the skins offense, left tackle trent williams practiced partially for the second day in a row today. those are killers. he expects to play sunday. >> pre-season game number two for the wizards tonight in cleveland. no lebron, no problem. gilbert arenas laying it off for blach. 13 for both of those men. of course you want to see john wall and here he comes on the feed from kirk heinrich. a little obscure but that is him cruising to the basket. 12 points, 9 assists. 2-0 in games that don't count. the caps open their season tomorrow in atlanta. starting goalie will not be
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there. we learned today that barley has a groin injury. will miss the first three games. michael will start. playoff baseball tonight, game two yankees twins. the nationals have big donkey. lance berkman solo shot in the fifth. and then he golfs that over his head. they take two. final tonight is 5-2. with that time for our weekly look at the excellent and not so excellent in the world of sports. it is the good, the bad and the ugly for october the 7th. we start with the good. ashley lawyery the prep is down. watch as he gets that defender. >> whoa. >> watch the kid he hurdles tackling air. >> whoa. >> total air ball. should have opened his eyes. >> wow. >> they could have used a human
2:03 am
to retrieve the kickoff. instead they use cecil. the poodle pointer mix who grabs it and brings it back. he works for kibl. on the other hand, sometimes he buries the t in the end zone. the best multi-tasking. this guy at dodger stadium who grabs the foul ball with his infant child in his arm. but now he has no free hand for the beer which most dads get through a day alone with their newborn baby. at least i did. to the bad, did you ever see those nature videos where the rams lock horns as they're fighting. i could have sworn i was watching one of those as jamie richards became joined at the face mask. and then they had to live together just like matt damon in that movie stuck on you. finally, oh, no, this is still the best, you said the blue field at boise state was horrible. how about the red field at eastern washington. i mean, that is like a tablecloth. >> it's not good. >> let's go to the ugly.
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worst wardrobe malfunction jake do you well of the blackhawks get in a fight and gets his jersey pulled over his head. but as he tries to put it back on, look what happens. it doesn't go through the neck hole, through the back of the jersey right through the numbers. that is not an actual hole in the shirt and the teammate came over to try to help him out. and a goalie here makes a really nice save but watch what happens at the second save. he directs them into the gold post. it is not the forward's best friend. >> they were not injured in the accident. >> i can't say the same.


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